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   It was a nostalgic feeling really, seeing the two brothers fight together, it brought a smile to your scaly lips. Your gold gaze flicked to the group of marines approaching you from behind, 

   "Amateurs" you scoffed in your mind, turning slightly so your tail whipped around swiping the group into the air, needles erected and shot from your back with deadly accuracy piercing through their shoulders and pinning them to the ground. They could almost hear the satisfied chuckle coming from your open jaws, gargantuan form covering over the boys sheltering them from any canon fire, things were going smoothly with their retreat until Akainu had started talking. Whitebeard was weakened, despite the insisting cries from his crew for him to return to the ship with them, he remained yelling for them to leave that he would not be returning with them. The look on Ace's face almost pained you, but your main concern was getting him out safely, Ace separated from you and Luffy pausing to bow before the elder pirate, upon seeing this Whitebeard stopped, a smile brought to his lips followed by a broken chuckle,

 "Was I a good father?" He asked the ravenette, Ace looks up with a tear-filled gaze.

 "Of course!" He said Ivankov had come to the three of you, assuring you that is was the time to leave if they had any hope to. You shifted back walking to stand by Ace, placing a hand in his you gave a gentle smile.

  "Let's go," you said softly turning your head to Whitebeard you gave a respectful nod, Ace stood up straight his gaze lingered on your hand in his then back up to your face. 

  "Okay." He nodded following behind you when Akainu finally broke his silence. 

  "Is this all the Whitebeard pirate's are? A bunch of cowards?" You felt a strong tug when Ace stopped dead, "You come and take Fire fist then turn tail and run? Leaving behind your captain to save your own skins?" Looking back at Ace his head was tilted down slightly, a shadow covered his face while his hand kept a death grip on yours. 

  "Ace, don't listen to him." You pleaded turning and resting your hand on the side of his face. 

  "But that is to be expected of the "children" of a failure from a washed up era." That's when Ace snapped, turning back to Akainu with boiling blood as he said, 

 "Take it back!" 

 "Ace please, let's go!" You tugged his hand, gasping when he ripped from your grip. 

 "Why should I? Whitebeard is a failure who never defeated Roger and never became the pirate king." 

  "Shut up, Akainu!" You snapped, "Ace, no!" you reached to stop him when he launched himself at Akainu, 

 "I will make this Whitebeard's era, he will be pirate king!" He shouted just before he was punched down by the man of magma, his arm severely damaged by the man's attack. 

  "Ace!" You and Luffy shout, running to him, though only you were able to make it to him as Luffy collapsed to his knees. Akainu's attention moved from Ace to where the weekend Luffy sat, unable to moved. As the Admiral moved to attack Luffy, it felt like time had slowed before your eyes.

  'no' You watched Ace's body move, race past you to position himself in front of Luffy, back to the Admiral's fist, ready to take the blow. 'no no no no no!' Akainu threw his fist, Ace's eyes were shut tight waiting for the attack that didn't come. He felt the intense heat against his back, hearing your soft gasp he turned slowly to see you standing behind him. Your eyes were wide, looking up at the man you had once called your father only to see a cold expression staring back you, trailing your gaze down you found his magma fist pierced through your midsection. 

   "Foolish girl," Akainu growled pulling his magma fist back, your breathing hitched and you fell to your knees feeling all of your energy vanish at once.

  "_-___,"Ace choked, Akainu readied his fist for another attack when the other pirates interfered with Akainu's plan delaying him from attacking either of you. You choked, finally collapsing back into Ace, your shaking hands grasped for a hold till they found the back of Ace's neck, "___ no, no." He lifted one of his hands seeing it stained, dripping with a red liquid. "We need help!" He shouted Luffy managed to settle by your side, Ace knelt down holding you from off the ground. 

  "____" Luffy whimpered, you moved your hand grasping hold of his tightly. 

  "I-it's okay.." you coughed, the taste of the blood filled your mouth, breathing was becoming a difficult task. "You two, need to go." Ace looked back down, shaking his head. 

  "No, we aren't leaving you." he growled turning back once again yelling for a doctor. 

  "You're gonna be okay, ___, We'll get you patched up," Luffy said giving your hand a squeeze, his black gaze went down to the gaping hole in your stomach then back up to your face. 

  "I'm sorry, but could you two just listen for a moment," You paused to take a few deep breaths, "I can't talk very loud so I need you guys to listen closely." Ace stopped shouting feeling your hand tighten behind his neck. "Thank you.. so much, you were the only family I had and I chased you away... then with what happened to Sabo." Your voice broke with tears welling in your eyes, your body was tired, eyes felt heavy, but it didn't stop the smile from forming on your lips. 

   "____ please stop talking, you're going to be fine." Ace spoke through gritted teeth, his hand rested over the one of the back of his neck, giving it a tight squeeze, you could see the two of them trying to hold back tears, you lowered his head to your lips where you rested a small kiss on his forehead.

  "Ace...Luffy...thank you.." You whispered softly, your eyes slowly closed watching as your consciousness fade. They were calling your name, but having lost your senses you couldn't hear them, couldn't feel them. 

  "___...____!!" Ace cried feeling your body go limp, your hand no longer grasped the back of his head. He could no longer hold back his tears, letting them fall down his face, dripping off his chin to land on your bloodied face like rain. 

  "___" Luffy whimpered, eyes wide seeing the restful expression on your face he could almost mistake you for sleeping if not for that gaping wound in your stomach. Ace stood up abruptly, anger coursing through his veins as he summoned his flaming fist burning bright with rage. 

 "Akainu!" He snarled ready to charge when Marco landed in front of him, arm wrapped around his front holding him back. 

 "Ace," Marco warned 

  "Marco, get the hell out of my way so I can kill that son of a bitch!" He growled, angered gaze staring down the 1st commander. 

  "And then what, make her sacrifice for you be in vain?" Marco snapped back, "She was important to you, right? Then live for her, don't die because of your anger." Ace stopped struggling against the blonde, "It's time to go." Marco said calmer now, "you can take revenge later, but don't let Pop's and ____'s sacrifice go to waste." Ace nodded slowly, turning back he walked over to where his brother sat, grieving over your fallen form. 

  "Luffy, let's go." He rested his hand on Luffy's shoulder.

  "We can't leave her here." He said refusing and unable to move away from you. 

 "There's nothing we can do about it now, let's go." He wrapped his arms around his brother lifting him up off the ground, despite his thrashing for Ace to go back. In the attempt of escape, the two brothers had managed to be injured in Akainu's chase, his fist scorching Ace's back and Luffy's chest, it would have been fatal had not been for Jinbei's intervention. The next to appear was Trafalgar Law, standing on his submarine he demanded Jinbei to bring them onto his ship, with little to no choice the former warlord complied.

  After that was the fall of Whitebeard, the towering pirate stood where he had died, shocking the world with his final words, fallen to a former 'son', Blackbeard, using his devil fruit power to somehow steal Whitebeard's power. Then finally, was the end of the war when red-haired Shanks had finally made his appearance on Marine Ford, the Yonko found himself by your body, kneeling down he lifted you up into his singular arm. Turning to Sengoku, 

  "I will be taking their bodies with me, they deserve to be buried rather than exploited on broadcast." A frown rested on his face. Sengoku hesitated before nodding, turning to the marines he gave orders to tend the wounded, this war was officially over. 

    Two graves sat upon the hill, a large grave with Whitebeards name engraved on the stone, his weapon and coat rested there above it. His coat flapped in the wind refusing to fall no matter how hard the wind blew. The smaller grave next to it was engraved with your name, many beautiful flowers decorated your graves, left behind by the remainder of the Whitebeard crew. A tall figure approached your grave, sitting down before it unaware of your presence sitting on top of it, you gaze down curiously at the stranger. 

 "It's been awhile, ____" You frowned when he spoke removing his familiar top hat, revealing the shaggy blonde hair beneath, blue eyes friendly and warm as he pulled out a bottle of sake from inside his long coat. Your eyes widened when you finally recognized,

  "Sabo." You whispered softly, tears welling your eyes as you slid down from your grave, sitting in front of him. 

 "I'm sorry I never came back, after the accident I lost a bit of my memory and couldn't remember you, Ace, or Luffy. I hadn't regained my memory until.. recently." his smile dropped when he stood. "I wish I could stay longer, but Dragon would be wondering where I am," He chuckled picking up his hat and resting it on his head. "Goodbye..___" He paused, swearing he felt someone hugging him from behind, unable to see your form hugging onto his back. 

   "Goodbye, Sabo." You whispered, spirit fading away with the flower petals blown into the wind, Sabo felt the presence vanish slowly, tugging the hat down over his eyes hoping his shadow would cover the tears streaming down his smiling face. 

  "I'll take care of them, I promise." Sabo turned back to the grave, "I almost forgot." He said crouching down placing few objects against the cold marble. "Sleep well, We'll see each other again someday." The blond turned and left leaving behind a fresh bouquet of (F/F) along with a mirror, reflecting the blue, cloudless sky above. 
I added on to the ending of the story wondering how many people will understand it since it had been awhile since the beginning of the story...I think it's been a year since I started this story, my god I'm horrible. Anyway, I also thought if instead of the Mera Mera no mi, it was reader-chan's devil fruit for the prize of the colosseum. I'm sure Sabo would be really happy to have a devil fruit like that.
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BITCH YOU MADE ME CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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amazing!Danisnotonfire: FEELS the feels  now Sabo needs to get reader-chan's devil fruit!An Emoticon From Years Gone By 
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IM happy with this ending
REAL happy m8
so much better than Ace dying, I don't know what will I do without him
I still cant getover how Luffy did anyways
 like thanks m8
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What the what?! I died?! How can the story progress without the main character?! Omg you made me cry! Is there a chance that reader would magically been reborn out something in the future cuz I'm still in shock of what had happened... And the mirror, Sabo fixed it! Anyway, love the story! Compliments to the author! 
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We died?! I was honestly  baffled. WE DIED?! XD
Warn a girl author-san.
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Deheh, sorry sorry, It was either reader-chan, Ace, or both.
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You made me cry. happy cry XD  It would have been a nice surprise for everyone if she had by some miracle survived. 
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Aaaaaaaaangst, sorry for making you cry <3
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